The Christian's "Secret Stuff"
May 15th, 2020
You know a blog post from a 90s kid, in the midst of Last Dance fever, would have to include a GOAT analogy, right? In the 1996 cinematic masterpiece Space Jam, Michael and the Looney Toons are gettin...  Read More
by Michael Cody
Why Am I So Needy?
May 12th, 2020
To be human is to have limits and needs. Of the millions of inconvenient, yet sanctifying truths God has revealed through this pandemic, this specific truth has risen to the surface very abruptly and ...  Read More
by Taylor Adair
Where Are You?
May 1st, 2020
We've more than likely heard this question a few times in our lives. Maybe from a parent playing peek-a-boo when we were too young to remember, or from a parent when we were past curfew back in high s...  Read More
by Sarah Dugan
Being Still in an Anxious World
April 28th, 2020
"If only I had more time, or if I didn't have so much work to do, then I could finally sit still and meet with God."Three weeks into a world being shut down, we might start questioning whether time wa...  Read More
by Beau Dugan
Patience for Marriage
April 24th, 2020
God invented marriage. It was 100% His idea. Doing it His way is vital to success. Doing it in His timing is almost as important. Even if you are a strong Christian and find a great Christian to marry...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
Tired Yet?
April 21st, 2020
Nearly every Wednesday for the past 3 years I've sat in the same booth, at the same restaurant, eating the same chicken wings, asking the same question, getting the same answer, but with a different p...  Read More
by Blake Hudson