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Brooks and Emmie ALEXANDER

campus staff


When I began college at Troy university I had no idea what God had planned for me just one year later. I had no real relationship with God, so I partied away my freshmen year and wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life. I experienced the sorrow of living a life of sin (Psalm 32:10) and thankfully I began to want more for my life. By God's grace, a student leader in Campus Outreach invited me to Summer Beach Project where I heard the good news of Jesus: that Jesus died for my sins and offered me a new life with Him. In that summer of 2019, I believed and entrusted my life to Jesus, He forgave me of all of my sins and embraced me as His own. I have never been the same- the grace of God changed my life. I now work full time with Campus Outreach at the University of Southern Mississippi with my wife Emmie because I believe in what we do. We want to see the nations praise the name of Jesus. I hope that through our work on the college campus, many students will encounter Jesus and become lifelong followers and ambassadors of Jesus around the world.


God changed my life when I was eighteen, weeks away from moving to Troy University for college. Through some older students involved with Campus Outreach, I saw what it looked like to truly know and follow Jesus. My passive, self-righteous religion soon gave way to a vibrant, loving, grace-filled faith in Christ. I learned from the good Shepherd throughout college and became passionate about bringing others into the presence of this Jesus. I've worked for Campus Outreach since 2021 and am honored to be a part of the team at the University of Southern Miss with my husband, Brooks. Through my ministry, I long for students to be transformed by the love of Christ and become lifelong followers of Him and workers in the mission of reaching the nations with the gospel.