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Chase white

campus staff

 I grew up attending church fairly regularly. From a young age I was very interested in pursuing Christ and trying to prove to Him that I was worthy of Him saving me by doing things such as reading the bible, attending youth group, & avoiding bad language and partying. I was known in my school as the “good Christian” kid, & I found my identity in doing these “good” things. In my tenth grade year, a series of events caused a strain in many of my relationships with both friends and family and lead me to questioning God’s reasoning behind allowing these things to happen. As a means to fit in and find a new source of joy, I began to try and find some sense of happiness through a reckless, partying lifestyle.

However, after being arrested at the end of my senior year, I knew that something needed to change. I began seeking counsel from my baseball coach at the time who constantly emphasized the importance of a relationship with Christ above all else. He shared Romans 6:23 with me, and I was finally made aware of the power of God’s grace. I realized that my efforts to gain God’s favor would never suffice and that He loved me more than I could ever fathom despite my rebellion. Thankfully, once I got to college I was introduced to Campus Outreach by a fraternity brother of mine where I was able to find an incredible community of believers. Throughout my college tenure I was poured into biblically, loved on, pointed towards the church, and given the opportunity to serve by Campus Outreach. It is because of this that I see the need for college ministry and desire to work for this incredible organization that develops laborers for the lost world.