birmingham Staff

Dana Gilreath

Contingent staff

For the majority of my life, I searched for happiness and fulfillment while running on a never-ending hamster wheel. I grew up in church and viewed God as my friend in the clouds that granted me blessings. After my freshman year at Samford, I went to Summer Beach Project. Through God’s word, specifically Isaiah 6, God graciously opened my eyes to see who He really is - Holy, Glorious, and Lord of the whole earth. My life was completely changed that summer when God showed me my need for Him and His deep love for all of humanity. All throughout college, God continually used Campus Outreach to grow my faith. I desire for more people to know the transforming gospel of grace and the love of God. I’m amped to work with CO -it feels like such a privilege to get to proclaim Christ’s name to college students and watch God  change lives as He has and is continuing to change mine.