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michael ingram

Contingent staff

Growing up, I was always the “good” kid. I was raised in the church and was baptized at a young age. When I came to college I got involved with Campus Outreach simply to just meet new people and because it seemed like a way to appear moral. Over the course of my first semester I really started to wrestle with my faith and why I believed what I believed. During that time God showed me that, like in Matthew 7:21-23, there had never really been a heart change in my life, and no relationship with him—he never knew me. All the head knowledge I had finally clicked in my heart for the first time, I realized that my good deeds could never earn God’s favor, that I needed His grace just as much as those I thought I was better than, and that my only hope was found in Jesus. I want to live the rest of my life to see others go from death to life by the power of the same Gospel and to know, enjoy, and glorify God forever!