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nick manuel

campus staff

I grew up in Fairhope, AL where there are churches everywhere and just about anyone could tell you that Jesus died for your sins. I grew up in church and continuously heard about Jesus myself, yet I did not grasp the gospel and had misconceptions about what walking with Jesus looked like. I always thought that if I was good guy and I stayed away from a few “big bad sins,” then I would make it into Heaven. I thought that if I did good and stayed away from the bad, then God would bless me in different areas of my life. I continued believing this all the way through high school and put those beliefs to the test in college.

After a season of rebellion God began to call me to himself my sophomore year at Troy University. Through a CO staff member (Jeff Bolger), God began to show me his holiness (Isaiah 6); he began to show me my sinfulness (Ephesians 2:1-3); and he began showing me my need for a savior. For the first time in my life, Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection meant more to me than just words. Christ became King of my heart sophomore year, and I have been growing ever since.