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taylor Tarpley

campus staff

Growing up, I went to a Christian school and had all the books of the Bible memorized by the 2nd grade. I knew about Jesus and what he had done on the cross, but didn’t truly accept His grace and forgiveness for my sin that separated us until 9th grade. However, it wasn’t until my time at Samford University that God opened my eyes to what it truly meant to live for Him.

During my first summer at Summer Beach Project my sophomore year, God opened my eyes to see how I could live a purposeful life in an intimate relationship with Him. I finally understood Psalm 34:8, “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” Campus Outreach has helped me to see my great need for Christ every day and to see Him as my life’s goal. The whole trajectory for my life has changed as my eyes were opened to the immense glory and worthiness of Christ. I strive, only by God’s grace and divine strength, to live for Him no matter the cost or suffering. I desire to make His name known to college students and allow Him to transform their lives as He did mine.