birmingham Staff

aaron and annaliese walker

campus Director

For the first 20 years of my life I was blessed with having numerous Godly men and women in my life. A foundation was laid that I still have not explored the depths of - for which I am overwhelmingly grateful. It was during those years that I teeter-tottered the line of "following Christ" and "following the course of the world". The summer before my senior year of college, however, through the influence of a couple men, God joined what I knew to be true about Him with the will of my heart. Through the course of a few months, while reading the Book of John, God illuminated the eyes of my heart. For the first time, I began to experience what it was like to love God. That love led me to obedience, worship, and a life committed to bringing the Light of Christ to the world. For now, God has called me to bring the good news of the gospel to the college campus - more specifically, Troy University. It is an honor to have the support of so many, as we proclaim the Kingdom of God to the Lost, in the hopes of building up laborers to reach the ends of the earth!