Coastal Project is an investment in your present that will result in an incredible return in your future! You will have the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God, develop deep and meaningful relationships, and build life-long memories. Project will take place in Destin, Florida. You won't want to miss it!!

may 13 - May 25


Grow a deeper relationship with God through large group training sessions, small group bible studies, and time alone with God.


Connect and develop deep friendships with other college students from The University of Alabama, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State


Learn to lead and impact others by learning how to share your faith and help others grow in their relationship with God.

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$1600 until March 31st for first time attendees only


"Coastal Project taught me the importance of a daily walk with Christ and gave me the resources to pursue that. It showed me the importance of a Christ centered community while allowing me to deepen relationships with friends who are also following Christ in college."
-Maggy Greer, Mississippi State
"God used Coastal Project to help me understand the gospel and grow closer to Jesus and other college students. I've learned practical tools that will help me continue my walk with Christ and share the gospel with others"
- Hamner Allen
"I spent the majority of that trip expanding my comfort zone around people I did not know while growing in the Lord. The greatest part was at night looking up on the beach at the stars with a group of guys I never knew before and getting to know them."

- James Leister, Ole Miss
"God has used coastal project to help me see how important it is for my relationship with the Lord to be a delight rather than a duty. I've grown so much in ways I never would've believed and was able to be a part of a community that pushed me to pursue the Lord in all that I do."
- Cole Hunt



The cost will be $1800. This cost will include room and board for the two weeks, books, training materials, social events, and some project meals.
Housing for Coastal Project will be located on Open Gulf Street in Miramar Beach, Florida


Coastal Project is a two-week opportunity to invest in your spiritual life and develop as a leader. Project is an environment that is designed to develop men and women holistically. Throughout the course of this program, your son/daughter will attend different trainings and seminars, build relationships with college students from other campuses, and participate in small group bible studies and discussions. The aim of this program is to enhance students' understanding of God and build a spiritual foundation for the rest of their life. In addition, students will have a lot of fun and make lifelong memories.

The staff of Campus Outreach will oversee Project. These men/women are trained to create a project that is safe, fun, and spiritually enriching. During the school year, these staff minister full time at campuses in Alabama and Mississippi.

Students will stay in houses located on Open Gulf St. in Miramar Beach, FL. The exact addresses for the student housing can be found through our housing link.

College students from the University of Alabama, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State

Coastal Project is a ton of fun and students will develop lasting memories and lifelong friendships, but the aim of Coastal Project is to enhance your relationship with God and develop Christ-like leaders.

Campus Outreach staff members keep a careful watch of the developing weather that could affect the Destin Area. Procedures have been established to ensure that students are in a safe location in the event of a threat.