birmingham Staff

Alyssa Franks

area operations coordinator

I grew up in a Christian home and attended church my entire life. I was a good girl, always did my best, and wanted to please my parents and my friends. I knew who Jesus was, believed in him, and did all the right things. What I didn’t see was that I had been looking for my identity, worth, and satisfaction from people around me and my achievements, which continued to leave me empty because I wasn’t seeking those things from the only one who could fulfill them.

During my sophomore year at Jacksonville State, I heard about Campus Outreach. Throughout my involvement in the ministry, I began to understand that God was already pleased with me. There was nothing that I could do to earn his love or approval because I am sinful and broken, and Jesus has already done it all. Since then, I’ve found that my satisfaction comes only through Christ. He continues to show me how faithful he is and how great my need is for him. Throughout my last two years of college, the Lord has stirred up in my heart a desire for ministry. Now I seek to serve him and spread his Gospel however he leads me.