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I grew up going to church weekly, but I did not come into a relationship with Christ until later in college. Coming into college, I was seeking a party lifestyle while still checking in to the church every so often to "get right" with God. I went from partying hard one week to trying to clean up my act the next. During a time of really questioning where I would spend eternity I became friends with a Campus Outreach staff member. He started reading the bible with me and sharing the gospel of Gods grace. One day over lunch we talked about how Jesus paid the penalty for my sin so that I could receive the free gift of salvation through faith in Him. In the next couple of weeks, I would investigate scripture and eventually surrender my life to Christ. During the next two years I was discipled through Campus Outreach, learned how to walk with God, and gained a vision for multiplication through evangelism and discipleship.

In college I learned the process of making disciples. I am now working with Campus Outreach because I see making disciples on the college campus as one of the most strategic places to live out the great commission to the glory of God!