birmingham Staff

Isaac Jenkins

Greek Director

I surrendered my life to Christ at a summer camp through my church in 1983. I went to college at the University of Arkansas and joined a fraternity.  I saw God do some amazing things to the point that one night during the fall of 1989, I decided I wanted to minister to frat stars. I joined staff with Cru in 1990 and was placed at Auburn University where I would meet my wife.  After 4 years at Auburn, Meg and I were asked to reopen the Cru ministry at Ole Miss. We have now been at Ole Miss for 26 years. I recently joined Campus Outreach in December of 2000 and continue to minister at Ole Miss. Our three kids, Zac, Gray and Ruthie are all currently in college at Ole Miss. I minister at Ole Miss but also consult with ministries around the nation in ministering in their greek systems.