birmingham Staff

Jordan Smith

Contingent Staff

Growing up in Birmingham, I was always in a very highly-saturated Christian culture. I felt like I had my life figured out and found my identity in being a “good person.”  It wasn’t until I started junior high school and began to plug into the church that I noticed the giant disconnect between myself and the Lord. Through various Bible studies, discipleship, and youth group events, I saw the heart of the Gospel modeled by many older believers for the first time. The summer before my freshman year of high school, I gave my life to Christ and have had the desire to live for Him ever since. Since then, I have always known that whatever career field God called me to, I wanted it to have purpose; which is exactly how He led me to Campus Outreach! I am thrilled to serve my alma mater in the capacity of MSU Campus Staff, and look forward to investing in girls the same way the church invested in me.