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Growing up in a single parent household, I always thought I could experience God's love through my accomplishments. All throughout high school, I received numerous awards due to my achievements on and off the football field. It wasn't until my senior year in high school, last game of the football season, I suffered from a bad meniscus tear. Due to the severity of the injury, I missed my freshman year of college football. Not being able to prove myself to God the Father and coaching staff, I felt God didn't love me. It wasn't until I met a guy named Jeff Bolger, who sat down with me one day, and showed me the Gospel. Through Jeff's faithfulness in the Lord, I was able to see and experience the love of God in a way I've never experienced before and became a follower of Christ.

During my time at Troy, God had placed on my heart to serve my teammates on the football team. I had the pleasure of leading weekly team bible studies and cultivated meaningful relationships with teammates. I've even had the opportunity to witness several teammates profess their faith in Christ! Through them becoming Christians, the Gospel had reached newspapers and even our games on TV. My heart now, is to have the same impact on students that Jeff had on me.
Coming into college, I was focused on building my own kingdom through personal achievements. I was introduced to the gospel for the first time in my sorority bible study, led by Student Mobilization. After a year, God opened my eyes to see only His love and grace provided a sure foundation. After being developed through this ministry I received the opportunity to go on a short term mission trip to South Africa with CO. This opportunity led me to move back to South Africa to share the gospel and develop young believers. When the pandemic began, I made the decision to come back to America where I worked with CO SERVE, mobilizing college graduates to the mission field. My vision now is to return to the college campus to see more students transformed by the gospel and launched to share this good news to the ends of the earth