birmingham Staff

Luke Hembree

Campus Staff

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the church my entire life, but I truly did not have a relationship with Christ or have any recollection of what the Gospel truly meant. During my middle school and high school years, I thought I could earn favor with God by doing enough “good” to make Him happy.

When I got to Troy my freshman year, I began living the party life, but thought I was still “good” with God. By the grace of God, he used a man on staff with Campus Outreach named Jeff to intervene in my life. Jeff helped me to see what the Gospel truly meant and what it looked like to surrender my life to Christ. Jeff and a handful of other men began investing in my life, showing me how to study the scriptures, pray, and share my faith. Over the rest of my time in college I continued to grow in these disciplines and invest my life into other young men. I saw that I was able to show them the same things that I had learned and point them to Christ.