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myles webster

Contingent staff

I arrived at Troy University in the Fall of 2015. I was a wide eyed freshman eager to make my name big and see how quickly I could regain popularity on the college campus. I was flooded and blinded to my own self-righteous, self-sufficiency and in God’s sovereign nature he sent faithful men into my life to help expose the scales over my eyes by sharing the gospel with me and loving me in a Christ like manner that had previously been foreign to me. The summer of 2016 my life was flipped upside down when the beautiful truth that I am completely incapable of doing any good, let alone receiving salvation apart from the absolute sole work of Jesus Christ wrecked the philosophy of my heart. God removed the burden from my heart and replaced it with joy, fresh air, & a desire to see other men on the college campus be brought to the same revelation through grace.