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robbie and dena pennington

International campus staff

Robbie and Dena attended West Georgia College where they met in the winter of 1993. Robbie received a Cross Country and Track scholarship. During his freshman season, he suffered a career-ending injury that devastated his hopes of pursuing his athletic dreams and goals. It was during this time that God brought a Campus Outreach staff member into his life who began sharing the gospel with him and opening up his life to Robbie. God used this relationship and scripture to clearly show Robbie his need for Christ. After coming to know Christ, he was discipled by this staff member for many years. After transferring to Jacksonville State University, Robbie came on staff with Campus Outreach after graduation. Robbie and Dena served for 4 years with Campus Outreach at the University of Montevallo and the University of Canterbury (New Zealand). This is not only a return to Campus Outreach staff for Robbie and Dena, but a return to Troy University. Dena served on staff with CO at Troy for over 4 years prior to her marriage to Robbie. This time, Robbie and Dena bring with them their 5 children (Hadley, Bricen, Brayden, Baylor and Piper).