When You're Not Expecting Much

Taken off of your campus early.

No graduation.

No Spring sports season.

Uncertain job markets.

Uncertain health.

Confusing and conflicting opinions every news cycle about the Coronavirus.

Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd.

These are simply a few examples that illuminate the uncertainty of the times in which you find yourself. Over the last couple of months, connected to the list of events above, you've likely experienced a range of emotions spanning from anger and frustration, to loneliness and isolation. Now, a lot of states are beginning to open back up. There's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel; but after events like these, how could life ever go back to "normal?"

In fact, now you've signed up for Summer Virtual Project, just another sign that life is different. You've just come off of classes on Zoom/Google/etc. And now more things online? To be honest, it makes sense that it would be hard to expect anything for your Summer. You might feel like it's just a matter of time before the next bad, unexpected, and traumatic thing happens.

Jesus and the Unexpected

It all seemed hopeless. The Jewish people had been oppressed for over 400 years, under the control of several different empires. In the background was the promise of God, that he would come and free them. But as time went on, it seemed like an impossibility. Maybe God didn't see. Or worse, maybe he didn't care. It seemed like it was just a matter of time before the next traumatic thing happened to the Jews.

One day, Peter and Andrew, two ordinary fishermen, went about their routine as Jews in a small, ordinary town called Galilee. But it wouldn't be an ordinary day; in fact, their lives would never be the same. That was the day Jesus, God himself, walked down to the water's edge and called them, "Come, follow me. And I will make you fishers of men." On a day that they weren't expecting anything, the wait was over.

Jesus, the Unexpected, and You

You have every reason to be disillusioned, put your head down, and get to the Fall semester. But, what if God wants to do more this Summer? Peter and Andrew had no idea that Jesus was taking them from the shores of Galilee to the Resurrection. What would it look like if you were open to what God might want to do in you, through you, and around you this Summer? There's no special formula. Nothing that you have to do, no cleaning up of yourself in order to look the part. After all, Peter and Andrew were met just as they were: probably dirty, sweaty, and a bit hopeless. What if you were simply open? What if God is about to meet you in an unexpected way at a very unexpected time?

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