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When You're Not Expecting Much
May 29th, 2020
Taken off of your campus early.No graduation.No Spring sports season.Uncertain job markets.Uncertain health.Confusing and conflicting opinions every news cycle about the Coronavirus.Breonna Taylor. Ah...  Read More
by Josh Tolman
Tangled in the Weeds
February 6th, 2020
The day to day in our country can be so confusing: poverty, cancer, financial crisis, people yelling at each other on television. In college, it's compounded by the day to day of: where you're going t...  Read More
by Micah Evans
Bible Reading for New Believers: Five Steps for Getting Started
August 7th, 2018
The ministry I work for focuses on evangelism and discipleship. Most of the students in our ministry either came to Christ through our ministry or were very young in their faith when they first got in...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
Confidence In Christ
July 2nd, 2018
Study the life of David in the historical books and see a man filled with godly confidence. He was a sinner like us, but in many ways he’s a great model. What was his secret?Read the Psalms he wrote d...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
Focus on Christ, not Faith
February 23rd, 2018
Many Christians struggle with doubting their salvation or with doubting the sincerity of their faith. In this struggle there is a subtle trap, the danger of examining the strength of your faith rather...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
Why Christians Should Join a Church
October 30th, 2017
Many college students and college ministry staff say they love Jesus but hate the church. But Jesus did leave us an organization, the local church.Matthew 16:18-19 is the key passage on the church. Ch...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs