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Are You Numb?
April 14th, 2020
Has anyone ever asked you what's going on or what are you feeling... and you honestly have no idea? There's something going on inside of you... but it's hard to know exactly what. So, you move on.Over...  Read More
by Whitney Bell
Why Porn Won't Be Enough During this Pandemic
March 31st, 2020
This title probably brought mixed feelings for you, especially if you're struggling with pornography. Before this post begins, I want you to know that God is not ashamed of you. He loves you.You may w...  Read More
by Joel Ledbetter
Rebuking Someone
June 11th, 2019
God calls us to rebuke one another. I am primarily addressing the idea of one believer addressing another about sin. Yet these principles apply more broadly. Addressing conflict with non-Christians ma...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
Killing Lust
November 9th, 2017
I found this quote to be true in the battle with sexual lust. God invented sex. He loves sex (Genesis 2:18-25). God commands husbands to delight in their wives’ breasts (Proverbs 5:19) and had an enti...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
We Need Friends to Fight Sin
August 3rd, 2017
One of the godliest men in the Old Testament committed adultery, and then covered it up by murdering the husband of his new lover. If even God’s anointed king can fall into such sin, we all should bew...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs
Sin Snowballs
June 16th, 2017
Just as a snowball starts to roll down a hill and gain size and momentum as it continues, so our sin too, if not dealt with, can grow in depth and breadth. 2 Samuel 11 gives us one of the clearest exa...  Read More
by Olan Stubbs